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Pregnancy Resources

The OB/GYN team at Independence Health System is here to prepare you and your family for one of life's most important events through education, information and preparation. Classes are offered both online and in-person in the Butler, Clarion, and Westmoreland Areas. Educational resources are also listed below and can be viewed/downloaded or printed if needed.

Classes and Support Groups Offered

Preparing for Childbirth, Labor, Delivery, and Beyond

These classes provide information about the labor and delivery process, the role of the support person, medical procedures and common challenges and questions. The class also provides information and tools to use during labor, delivery, and postpartum, including pain management options and breathing and relaxation exercises. A baby doll is required, and a labor support person is strongly encouraged.

Classes offered:

  • Preparing for Labor and Birth: The Stages of Labor – ZOOM
  • Preparing for Labor and Birth: Medical Interventions and Cesarean Sections
  • Preparing for Labor and Birth: Natural Births and Postpartum
  • Family Additions Maternity Center Tour at Westmoreland Hospital

Breastfeeding Support

These classes promote successful breastfeeding by providing information about techniques, newborn feeding behaviors, and common challenges. A baby doll is required, and a support person is strongly encouraged. Classes are taught by lactation consultants.

Classes offered:

  • Breastfeeding Education Classes
  • Mom and Baby Breastfeeding Support Group
    • This is a free support group taught by a certified lactation consultant.
      This is open to any new parent in the community, even if you did not deliver at Butler Hospital.
  • Breastfeeding Success

Infant Care Informational Classes

These classes promote successful breastfeeding by providing information on how to care for your baby post-delivery, proper diaper changing, bathing, feeding techniques and more.

This class promotes child safety practices, including car seat rules and regulations, infant CPR techniques and more. A baby doll is required, and a support person is strongly encouraged.

Classes offered:

  • Parenting Basics Newborn Care and Infant Safety
  • Child Safety Class

Butler Area Pregnancy Resources

Click here to learn more about the Butler Memorial Hospital Maternity unit. To arrange a tour of the OB department , please call 724-284-4334.

Wellbe - Online Education

Your care team will develop the online program to provide you with the necessary information you need to know for your delivery at Butler Memorial Hospital. At 28 weeks, your care team will enroll you, or call us and we will help you get started. Learn More.

Postpartum Adjustment

The birth of a baby is an exciting time for new parents. However, new mothers often go through periods of both physical and emotional change. Even though you have prepared for your baby’s arrival, caring for an infant can be hard work. Many women experience some unexpected “highs” and “lows.” New mothers are surprised at the energy it takes to care for their new baby and many may begin to feel anxious, frustrated, uncertain or overwhelmed. During this adjustment, support from family and friends can be very helpful.

Click here to view the Postpartum Adjustment brochure.

Westmoreland Area Pregnancy Resources

Maternity Care at Westmoreland Area

What to Expect at the Family Additions Maternity Center

Nesting Room

Packing for the Hospital Check List

Newborn Photography Information

Testing and Contacting Your Office

Follow My Health Patient Portal Information

About Ultrasounds and Your Growing Baby

Genetic Screening Tests

Preeclampsia and Pregnancy Information

Online Education

Childbirth and Beyond

Breastfeeding Success

Infant Care Class

Medication, Diet and Vaccinations

Approved Medication List

Advice On Eating Fish

Other Questions You May Have

Information on Breastfeeding Colostrum

Car Seat Safety

Pediatrician Information

Fetal Loss (Miscarriage) Information

What to Expect

Coping With Miscarriage

Pregnancy Loss Management

Cytotec Instructions

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