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BHS Occupational Health Services

Fast Physicals and Drug Tests

Butler Health System is proud to provide occupational health services such as drug testing/and employee physicals to the residents and employers of our community. As your community health system, BHS understands the needs of your business. That's why we provide an array of high quality, high convenience occupational health services. We strive to promote, protect, and secure the well-being of employees through high-quality and cost-effective occupational health services.

Our customizable services include:

  • Post-Injury and Accident Care - Work-related injuries are an inconvenience to both the employee and employer. We provide quality care to help get workers up and running again as fast as possible.
  • Drug and Alcohol Screens - We understand that in some positions, such as a bus driver or pilot, you need to know your employees are at the top of their game. We provide quick, efficient drug and alcohol screenings to ensure your staff is ready for the job. After hours testing and screenings are available. Drug screens include 5-panel, 10-panel, and 12-panel: Nida, Non-Nida, e-screen (Rapid Screen), uScreen, Consortium Testing.
  • EAP Services - Employee Assistance Programs provide workers with a resource for mental and physical relief through short-term counseling. This can include grief counseling, substance abuse recovery programs, and more.
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations - If an employee has suffered an accident an FCE may be required to determine their eligibility to return to work. We provide thorough testing with quick turnaround.
  • Respirator Fit Testing - Jobs that require employees to war a tight-fitting respirator require workers to undergo respirator fit testing for their own protection.
  • EKGs, Labs and X-Rays - We utilize cutting-edge technology to diagnose health problems, including bone fractures, pinched nerves, dislocations, and more. Lab testing for rabies, lead, ZPP, titers, etc.
  • Immunizations - Prevention of disease is always preferable to recovery. We provide immunizations so employees can work without risk of certain problem diseases.
  • Physical Examinations (Annual, Pre-Placement, CDL, etc.) - Certain positions require a high standard of physical fitness. A physical examination will ensure your employee is capable of handling the duties the job requires.
  • Minor Injuries and Illnesses - Even minor health issues can be a big inconvenience. Our experienced medical staff provides remedies to less serious injuries and illnesses so employees can return to work faster.
  • Education - Several classes are offered in conjunction with BHS Clarion Hospital’s physical therapy department. These programs, which include Work Hardening/Work Conditioning, Post Offer Screening, Back School, and Neck/Arm School, are designed to reduce injuries in the work place.
  • Pool Management
  • NASA Standard Vision Screenings and Audiograms
  • Consortium Management for DOT and Non-DOT
  • TB/PPD Testing
  • Respirator Certification Exams

For more information about BHS Occupational Health Services, call 724-284-4160

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy (OT) is a therapy program designed to get patients back in form to perform their job or daily activities. OT is usually recommended to patients who had a work injury, have severe arthritis, suffered a birth injury, or sustained some other type of injury that affected their ability to live day-to-day. Programs are customized to fit a patient’s specific lifestyle and equip them with strategies to live without assistance. Therapy can be performed at a hospital or a patient’s home.

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