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Vascular Access Center

Our physicians and nurses at the Independence Health System Vascular Access Center are here to provide comprehensive “one-stop” state-of-the-art dialysis care. Whether you need peritoneal dialysis access or endovascular/surgical hemodialysis access and maintenance, our team is here to provide you with total dialysis care so that you and your nephrologist can focus on you and your quality of life. Our goal is to foster a relationship between you and our team that evolves into a total health benefit and allows us to keep you healthy and with optimal dialysis access.

We offer a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • Vascular Access
  • Endovascular arteriovenous fistula placement (WavelinQ™)
  • Surgical AV fistula placement
  • Surgical AV graft placement
  • Placement of tunneled and non-tunneled dialysis catheters
  • Maintenance of fistulas/grafts/catheters
  • Peritoneal Access
  • Tunneled peritoneal catheter placement
  • Peritoneal catheter revision
  • Adhesiolysis of problematic peritoneal dialysis catheters
  • Now Available - Non-Surgical Fistula Creation

The WavelinQ™ 4F EndoAVF System consists of a 4F venous and a 4F arterial magnetic catheter. It is used with a commercially available electrosurgical unit (radio frequency generator), ground pad, and an electrosurgical pencil. Two thin devices create a connection between your vein and artery without the need for open surgery. The devices are removed from the body once the connection is created.

The Preferred Vascular Access Option

An “access” to the bloodstream is required to administer hemodialysis treatment. An arteriovenous fistula (AVF) creates a direct connection between a vein and an artery in your arm. This results in a closed circuit that provides adequate blood flow for dialysis. Blood can be withdrawn, cleaned through the dialysis machine, and returned to your body.

AVF is preferred for many patients over other vascular access options because:

  • It lasts longer once used for dialysis
  • Has lower risk of infection, and lower risk of serious complications

Dr. Brandon Repko is currently the #1 WavelinQ™ creator in the country with over 150 creations and the largest enroller in the CONNECT-AV postmarket surveillance study.

For more information in the Butler or Clarion Areas, call 833-602-2273. For the Westmoreland Area, call 877-771-1234.

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