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Intensive Care

The Intensive Care program at Independence Health System, often referred to as the Critical Care Medicine program, is led by board-certified critical care physicians who specialize in treating individuals with life-threatening illnesses such as severe infections (sepsis), severe breathing problems (respiratory failure, acute kidney failure, stroke, acute bleeding problems, and other life-threatening conditions. All ICU patients are under constant supervision of skilled healthcare providers who are specially trained to provide care for these life-threatening conditions. The intensive care program can provide specialized services such as ventilator management, continuous dialysis, BIPAP, continuous blood pressure and advanced cardiac monitoring, and artificial nutrition.

The critical care program is multi-disciplinary, consisting of dedicated physicians, nurse practitioners, clinical pharmacists, dietitians, respiratory therapists, and nurses trained in the field of intensive care medicine. The program strives to provide patient-centered and family-oriented care with an emphasis on evidence-based approaches to improve patient outcomes. Specialized teams are dedicated to ensuring patient comfort and safety throughout an ICU stay. The critical care program at Independence Health System utilizes advanced, state-of-the-art technology for bedside patient care (clinical point-of-care services), such as ultrasonography and telemedicine, to provide optimal patient outcomes.

The program strives for a fully integrated system of care for all ICU patients at IHS. The ICU team performs multi-disciplinary rounds every day and is supported by enhanced provider communication tools such as Electronic Health Records, Electronic Communication Applications (PerfectServe), and Telemedicine that supports an integrated approach to patient care.

The IHS Health Critical Care Intensive Care Unit, our physician-specialists (intensivists) and acute critical care nurse practitioners are fully committed to providing the best care for all patients admitted to the Intensive Care Unit.

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