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Concussion Care

Center for Concussion Care

The Independence Health System Sports Concussion Program is proud to be a credentialed ImPACT® Consultant and leader in sports concussion management. Drs. Bryan Lee and Andrew Schleihauf are part of the Sports Concussion Program along with our orthopedic specialists, physician assistants, nurses and a sports nutritionist.

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About our program:

To aid in the continued health and well-being of our youth, we offer a state-of-the-art concussion program designed to not just provide the treatment of concussions, but to reduce the risk of concussion while keeping people active and involved. The focus of the Sports Concussion Program is to educate and assist athletes, parents and coaches in the proper identification and management of concussions. The concussion program utilizes:

  • The ImPACT™ neurocognitive assessment tool
  • Force plate balance technology
  • Dynavision gross motor testing
  • RightEye Neuro Vision
  • IHS is the first in Pennsylvania to offer this set of tests to understand the severity of a patient's head trauma more clearly and assess recovery better.
  • Comprehensive management services to allow our specially trained medical staff to guide the recovery of the concussed individual, providing a safe return to play and protecting the future of our young athletes.

Baseline Impact Testing

All concussions are serious, and every student athlete should have a Baseline Impact™ Test.

We recommend:

  • A baseline for students, ages 7 and older, who are involved in school or club sports.
  • Available through Orthopedics and Sports Medicine.
  • The 20-minute test measures verbal and visual memory, reaction time, visual motor speed and impulse control.

Schedule a Baseline ImPACT Test

Baseline ImPACT testing is an important tool in the prevention of concussive consequences for our youth. We now know that injury to a brain that has not fully recovered from prior concussive injury can prolong recovery, and possibly lead to devastating short term, or lingering long term issues.

Unfortunately, there is no way to conclusively know when the brain is fully back to baseline and return to play is safe. Having a baseline ImPACT neuro-cognitive test can aid in making the right decision.
ImPACT is not a stand-alone test in determining concussion recovery or return to play. IHS has a comprehensive, state-of-the-art concussion evaluation and management program. Having a valid baseline ImPACT test is a first step in keeping our athletes safe.

To schedule a baseline ImPACT test in the Westmoreland area, call 724-689-1070.

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