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CT Scan

Advanced Imaging Services

Independence Health System offers the latest in advanced imaging, including CT (Computed Tomography) scans. A CT scan is an invaluable medical imaging procedure that utilizes computer-processed combinations of x-ray measurements taken from different angles to produce cross-sectional images of specific areas of the body. As a leading health system, our CT scan technology is highly advanced, allowing for more precise diagnoses and effective treatment plans.

Understanding CT Scans

CT scans provide detailed images of many types of tissue, including the lungs, bones, soft tissues, and blood vessels. In contrast to traditional x-rays, CT scans offer more comprehensive and detailed images. Some additional benefits of CT scans include the following:

  • They provide a quick and painless way to detect internal injuries or abnormalities.
  • CT scans can reveal internal organ damage, making them essential tools during emergency situations.
  • They aid in diagnosing diseases like cancer and heart disease.
  • These scans can guide medical procedures like surgeries and radiation therapy.

Our team is trained to prioritize patient safety while maximizing the diagnostic effectiveness of each scan. In preparation for your CT scan, you will undergo the following:

  • You may be asked to wear a hospital gown and remove any metal objects as they may affect the scan's quality.
  • An iodine-based contrast agent may be used to enhance the visibility of certain tissues or blood vessels.
  • The scan itself typically takes only a few minutes, and you will need to remain still during the procedure.

After the scan, our team of expert radiologists will analyze the images and share the results with your physician. Your doctor will then discuss the results with you and plan any necessary treatments or follow-up appointments.

Schedule a CT Scan at Independence Health System Today

At Independence Health System, we are committed to ensuring our community has access to the best possible medical technology. As your trusted partner in healthcare, we are here to help with all your imaging needs. For additional information, please refer to the resources below:

Other procedures that may utilize CT technology include the following, and more:

  • Barium Swallow Test – a procedure that evaluates the swallowing process using fluoroscopy and barium contrast.
  • Myelogram - a diagnostic imaging test that uses contrast dye and x-rays or CTs to visualize the spinal cord, nerve roots, and spinal lining (meninges).
  • Small Bowel Study - an imaging test that uses x-rays and a contrast material to examine the small intestine.
  • UGI or Esophagram - an upper gastrointestinal procedure that examines the upper part of the digestive system using x-rays and contrast dyes.

To schedule an appointment in the Butler or Clarion Areas, call 833-604-7211. For an appointment in the Westmoreland Area, call 877-771-1234.

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