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X-ray / Fluoroscopy

Trusted Imaging Services

Independence Health System stands out as a provider of top-tier imaging services due to our commitment to patient safety and comfort, the expertise and experience of our medical team, and our investment in advanced, evidence-based imaging technologies.

At our locations, we seamlessly integrate X-ray and fluoroscopy services. This integration allows us to provide comprehensive and enhanced diagnostic solutions to our patients that are both accurate and effective.

X-ray Services

X-ray imaging is a non-invasive procedure that produces images of the body's internal structures. It's an essential tool for diagnosing various medical conditions. At Independence Health System, we ensure the following through our X-ray services:

  • High-quality images facilitated by advanced technology.
  • Safe procedures overseen by our team of experienced medical professionals.
  • Efficient service to provide quick and accurate results.

For more information about what to expect with an X-ray appointment, please feel free to reference the following resources:

  • X-ray - a common imaging test that uses small amounts of radiation to produce pictures of the structures inside the body.
  • Chest X-ray - a non-invasive imaging test that captures images of the heart, lungs, airways, blood vessels, and bones of the spine and chest.

Fluoroscopy Services

Fluoroscopy is a type of imaging that allows real-time visualization of body structures. This technique is crucial for guiding various diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Benefits of our fluoroscopy services include:

  • Real-time imaging for accurate diagnosis and treatment.
  • Expert supervision to ensure a safe and comfortable procedure.
  • Use in a wide array of medical applications, from gastrointestinal studies to orthopedic surgeries.

Contact Our Imaging Department to Learn More

At Independence Health System, we are dedicated to providing you with superior healthcare services. For more information about our X-ray and fluoroscopy services please don’t hesitate to contact us and/or reference the resources below:

  • Arthrogram - a diagnostic test that uses imaging to evaluate joint conditions.
  • Barium Enema (lower GI) - a procedure where barium sulfate is used to coat the lining of the colon, allowing for clear X-ray images of the lower gastrointestinal tract.
  • Lumbar Puncture - also known as a spinal tap, this is a procedure where a needle is inserted into the lower part of the spine to collect cerebrospinal fluid for testing.
  • Modified Barium Swallow - a radiographic procedure that evaluates the swallowing process using fluoroscopy and barium contrast.
  • Myelogram - a diagnostic imaging test that uses contrast dye and X-rays or CTs to visualize the spinal cord, nerve roots, and spinal lining (meninges).
  • Small Bowel Study - an imaging test that uses X-rays and a contrast material to examine the small intestine.
  • UGI or Esophagram - an upper gastrointestinal procedure that examines the upper part of the digestive system using X-rays and contrast dyes.

For more information or to schedule an appointment in the Butler or Clarion Areas, call 833-604-7211. For an appointment in the Westmoreland Area, call 877-771-1234.

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