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EPIC: Excela Physical Improvement Center

The Step Between Hospital and Home.

Getting you healthy and getting you home, equipped with the skills you need to deal with daily life safely and efficiently: that’s what we aim for at EPIC Rehab, the Excela Physical Improvement Center.

The process includes physical therapy and strength building. It involves a very individualized treatment plan and the efforts of a team of experienced professionals. It also involves training for your family on what to expect and how to help. We even have an Activities of Daily Living suite, where you and your support person can share an overnight experience to practice getting around properly.

Meals are shared in a common dining room so that you and other patients can help each other at mealtime and redevelop social skills. We have a gym in the unit, and specialized programs such as pet therapy and visitation. Our Neighborhood Way is a special site to help you familiarize yourself with activities outside the home while perfecting your skills.

When you head home, home assessment advisers will visit to make sure you have everything you need to re-adapt to your daily life. And you can return to the hospital for regular support groups to discuss what you’ve learned and share with others.

Neighborhood Way

Located close by the unit this is a special place in a busy hallway -- a public thoroughfare with scaled-down activities; we call it Neighborhood Way. Here you’ll find a grocery store, an ATM, golf course, café and a library. There is also a full-sized car so you can learn and practice the best way to enter and exit it.

We want you to be fully aware of all the challenges you may face in the real world as you prepare to leave. We want you to think about what you will do as part of your daily routine so you will be ready for the unexpected, and can adapt quickly, smartly and safely.

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