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Bagby Scholarship

First- or second-year medical students with a demonstrated interest in family medicine may apply for the Dr. Andrew D. Bagby Family Medicine Scholarship. Those selected must possess an engaging demeanor and relate with ease to people at all levels. These qualities must be shown through either a letter of recommendation or an interview. The scholars will spend four weeks gathering clinical experience and attending lectures at Independence Health System Latrobe Hospital in association with the Family Medicine Residency Program. Housing is provided near the hospital. The clinical structure of the experience can be tailored to meet the specific interest of the scholars based on available resources.

The scholarship is given in memory of Dr. Andrew Bagby a first-year resident who died tragically in 2001 and is funded by his parents, family & friends.

Purpose of the Dr. Andrew David Bagby Family Medicine Scholarship

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The purpose of the Scholarship fund is to support individuals who have an interest in pursuing a career as a family physician.

Structure of the Scholarship

The recipient will spend four weeks in Latrobe, associated with the Family Medicine Residency at Latrobe Hospital. This will likely occur during the summer months, during the academic year break.

The recipient will receive housing free of charge if he or she decides to stay in the Noel House. The Noel house is located 60 yards from the Latrobe Family Health Center and Latrobe Hospital, where some of the experience will occur. For a more diverse clinical experience a vehicle is recommended.

The recipient will be immersed in an inpatient and outpatient experience. This will include time in the following areas: office medicine, nursing home visits/geriatrics, cardiology, orthopedics, general surgery, hospital medicine including ICU, hospital pharmacy, obstetrics and pediatrics. The precise clinical structure will depend on the desire of the recipient and the available resources.

The recipient will participate in the morning lecture conference series.

The recipient will have a number of scheduled sessions with practicing family physicians to discuss career options in family medicine and will have weekends free, unless he or she chooses otherwise.

Required Characteristics of the Dr. Andrew David Bagby Scholarship Candidate

  1. The candidate must have a demonstrated interest in becoming a family physician. This desire will be assessed by a written statement by the scholarship candidate, and a letter of reference from a member of the candidate’s hometown or medical school community. This letter must attest to the candidate’s desire to enter into a family medicine career.
  2. The recipient must have completed no less than one year and no more than two years of medical school in an approved allopathic (Liaison Committee on Medical Education) or osteopathic (American Osteopathic Association) medical school in the United States or Canada.
  3. The recipient must have an engaging demeanor and must relate with ease to people at all levels. This was a unique characteristic of Dr. Bagby that must be present in the scholarship recipient. This must be assessed through either a letter of reference by an individual of the candidates choosing or by a personal interview with a member of the selection committee at Latrobe Hospital.

Mechanism for Choosing the Dr. Andrew David Bagby Scholarship Recipient

In the winter of each year, a letter will be sent to selected schools of allopathic and osteopathic medicine. The letter and enclosure will describe the scholarship program. The School (or Department of Family Medicine Chairperson) will be asked to recommend candidates for the opportunity by distributing applications to the appropriate students. Applications will be accepted until April 1 of the year that the scholarship will be awarded.

A committee composed of the program director, two other faculty members, and two residents chosen by the program director will review the applications from the candidates. While input from all of these individuals will be considered, the final decision for the award will be made by the Family Medicine Residency program director.

If a suitable candidate is identified, the scholarship will be offered by May 1 of the year in which the scholarship will be granted. Mr. and Mrs. David Bagby will be notified of the award and may request background information on the recipient to facilitate any contact between the recipient and the Bagbys. If a suitable candidate is not identified, the award will not be given for that year. The amount of the award will be variable, expected to be in the range of $1,000. A check will be mailed to the recipient at the end of the observation. A photograph and biography of the recipient and brief history of the scholarship program will be forwarded to the media.

Mechanism for Establishing and Building the Dr. Andrew David Bagby Family Medicine Scholarship

Contributions to the scholarship program will be accepted at any time. The goal will be to build the scholarship through a series of single and annual contributions. Contributions should be in the form of a check made payable to the “Latrobe Area Hospital Charitable Foundation” with a designation in the lower left-hand corner of the check “Dr. Bagby Scholarship.”

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Evaluation of the Scholarship Program

At the conclusion of each recipient’s scholarship experience, the recipient will be required to complete an evaluation of the program. A copy of the evaluation will be forwarded to Mr. And Mrs. David Bagby.

How To Apply
To be considered for the Bagby Scholarship please fill out the form provided below.
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