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Home Care Frequently Asked Questions

If you are an adult caring for a loved one recovering after a hospital stay, who is in need of ongoing skilled care, or simply is not feeling well, you are not alone. About one-third of the U.S. adult population is caring for someone who is ill, disabled or elderly. Providing that care can seem overwhelming at times, with many not knowing where to turn for help and support. If you are unfamiliar with home care, how it can help, and whether or not a loved one may need it, join in the conversation.

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Home Care FAQs

What is home care?

Simply, home care is a comprehensive set of services that allows you to regain and/or maintain your health and independence while receiving the medical care you need. Necessary medical care is provided in your own home, where you are most comfortable.

Why would/should I choose home care?

Receiving care in your own home may eliminate extended hospital stays, the need to travel to the hospital for treatment, or the need for convalescent care.

How will Excela Health Home Care benefit me?

Excela Health Home Care offers advanced medical care by specially trained home care staff in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Many experts agree that if you are recovering from an illness, have had surgery, or suffer from a chronic condition or disability, home care may speed your recovery and enhance your overall quality of life.

How do I get home care?

Your doctor should refer you or you may obtain a referral from a nurse, social worker, social service agency or insurance company. Home care staff works closely with your physician to ensure that you or your family member receives expert care. Excela Health Home Care serves residents of Westmoreland and surrounding counties.

Is home care just for senior citizens?

No. While many patients are seniors, home care services are available for people of all ages. In fact, home care can include follow-up care for new mothers and infants as well as care for children and young adults when needed.

What do these services cost and how can I pay for them?

Many health care insurers, including Medicare and Medicaid, will pay for all or some of the costs, depending on the level of care needed as ordered by your doctor.

What kinds of services does Excela Health Home Care offer?

Excela Health Home Care offers a comprehensive set of home care services from nursing care to chemotherapy and wound care to rehabilitation therapies and emotional/spiritual support. Additional offerings include medical social services and home health aides, who work under the supervision of skilled nurses and therapists. The home care team provides you, your family, and your physician with a full assessment of your health care needs. The professionals with home care answer all your questions to help you get the full benefit of advanced medical care at home.

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