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Take Time Out of Your Day for a Moment of Peace and Relaxation

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Take Time Out of Your Day for a Moment of Peace and Relaxation

So many articles are written with the same “to-do list” for achieving relaxation and this list of things is often repetitive and eventually becomes white noise. Instead, try focusing on a more mindful approach to working toward peace/relaxation.


In the “busy craziness” of modern life, we often lose touch with the inner peace that we all have within us. 

The sounds of a phone ringing and text messages coming through, traffic, red lights, dirty dishes, or a basket full of clean laundry needing our attention can cause feelings of annoyance and irritation. We begin to stifle our breathing, leading to more stress mentally and physically.

Why not make positive use of everyday situations that can irritate or “stress us out” to help each of us find a “living peace” in everything we do? Choose to live your relaxation journey right where you are; in the kitchen, at work, driving a car, or walking to your next destination.

There is a belief that in learning to live in inner peace amidst difficulties, we can promote inner peace in the world. If you practice dwelling peacefully in the present moment during the day, no matter what the situation, you will relax the mind and body. Peace will radiate from you, and this will inspire the people around you. A Win-Win for all.

So how does one approach this? With a relaxed inhale and slow exhale can you see yourself choosing…


Animals who are wounded, know to rest. They find quiet places for days. The wisdom of stopping and healing is still alive in animals, but humans have lost the capacity to rest. Often when we have time alone with ourselves, we panic and try to do more instead of using it to rest.

Practice breathing during your daily activities or during quiet opportunities…Focus on your breath and breathe in and out. Anytime during the day or night, you can return to the calm refuge of your own breath

A Relaxed Comfortable Position

We don’t have to be in a lying position to feel relaxed. We can even feel relaxed in a seated position or while walking. Going back to the present moment, do you notice any body tension? Ask yourself “Am I tense because I am nervous, anxious, or worrying?”

Choose to practice this during your daily activities or during quiet opportunities…

Begin at the top of your head and move down to your toes bringing mindful awareness to parts of your body. This is called a body scan and sounds like this…

  • Breathing in, I am aware of my face
  • Breathing out, I soften and smile 
  • Breathing in, I am aware of my heart
  • Breathing out, I soften and relax

Calm Balancing Thoughts

Thoughts of worry, anger, or sadness affect the quality of our well-being. By stopping the constant thinking and overthinking, we can bring more peace, relaxation, and rest we crave.

As you go about your daily activities or during quiet opportunities, think about the thoughts below while practicing your breathing…

  • Breathe in and out
  • Keep your breaths deep and slow
  • Focus on calm and ease
  • Smile and release your stress
  • The present moment is a wonderful moment

Lazy Days Off - Spending Time in Nature

Does anything really need to be said for this? Taking time in nature to appreciate the fresh air and beautiful world around us is something we should all make a little more time to do. 

Feeling relaxed takes your participation, your insight, and your willingness to truly live joyfully and peacefully. Save this article and start slowly if you need to by taking moments during your day to incorporate the steps above one at a time. 

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